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The library is divided into two major sections: Articles and Commentaries. Articles are focused more toward hands-on handicapping. Commentaries are opinion pieces and writings about the overall experience and enjoyment of the game--things you would kick around in conversation with fellow horseplayers between races at the track or simulcast location. While some of the entries date back even before 2000, all were screened to make sure the information contained is still applicable or still of interest today.


Each linked page contains not just one, but a number of articles relating to the subject. New listings are added at regular intervals.


   Traditional Handicapping
   From the basics to special information

   Angles and Spotplays
   How to spot them and how to use them

   The "Big" Races
   Breeders' Cup, Derby, etc.

   Kick-start your thinking with a wide variety of ideas about handicapping

   Maidens and First-Time Starters
   Some thoughts from the pros on maiden races

   Cycles, Analysis, and Bounces

   Wagering, Exotic Bets, Underlays, and Bankroll Management

   Off and Wet Tracks
   "Reading" the track and the unique factors of off tracks

   Figures, biases, set-ups

   Simple analysis and polytrack sires

   How it affects horses and handicappers

   Trip Handicapping
   Doping out how they run and how to use this info

   Turf Racing
   Basic and expert tips for grass racing

   A variety of takes on one of the most important factors in racing

   The Tote Board
   Tote board tips and following the money

   Information on the special skills needed for this type of handicapping

   Track Notes
   Special handicapping tips for selected U.S. tracks

   Trainers and Jockeys
   Handicapping tips from the US and the UK


   Unusual handicapping nuances and food for thought

   Money and Wagering
   The Pick Six, strange odds, and betting smarter

   The Business of Racing
   From the front office to the backside

   The Fans
   Sometimes easier to handicap than the horses

   Behind the Scenes
   The people behind the ponies

   Book Excerpts
   Ruffian, Secretariat, racing history, and more

   Tributes, winners, champions, and others

   Handicapping insights and some very unusual races

   From bums to greats

   The Magic of Racing
   Passion, harmony, and wondrous delight

   The special times that will live on forever

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